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UUFF Email – Week of September 21, 2014

September 18th, 2014 · News


1. Parking Considerations-Please leave spots closest to entrance OPEN for folks with physical limitations.
2. Update on McShane Family
3. From Rev. Jim – Things we are going to try for Sunday Services!
4. One more day to submit names for Committee on Ministry Selection!!
5. Women’s Wisdom Circle of UUFF will meet THIS Saturday, Sept. 20, from 10- 11:30 am in the Sanctuary
6. UUFF Men’s Group WILL NOT MEET on 9/20.
7. Attendance Books
8. Greeter Sign-Up
9. Social Justice Newsletter Alert and Survey
10. Involving Children and Youth in Sunday Services- your input desired!
11. “Love Reaching Out” Workshops have been scheduled!
12. Upcoming 11 am Services
13. Stewardship Saturdays-NEW! First one held Sept. 27th from 9am-12pm
14. Religious Education Happenings
15. Nursery Services available 9:45 am – 12:15 pm. We are actively seeking teens for paid nursery positions!
16. UU Buddhist Fellowship– Will NOT MEET on Sunday, Sept. 21st but will resume on the 28th.
17. Adult RE – Will NOT MEET on Sunday, Sept. 21st

18. Office Hours
19. Calendar for Upcoming UUFF Meetings and Events
20. September 2014 Beacon Link
a. BIG BAD GINA concert here at UUFF on Friday, September 26th!!

*Please have all UUFF Parking Lots CLEARED by 1 pm on Saturday, 9/20 for the Razorback Game Parking RE Fundraiser. Thanks for your cooperation!*

*Also, a correction to the last email sent out- Lunch Angels WILL NOT serve on September 20th. The next serve date is Saturday, October 18th*

1. Parking Considerations-Please leave spots closest to entrance OPEN for folks with physical limitations. UUFF’ers, we need your help to make sure we are reserving the most convenient parking spots available for people who most need them due to physical limitations. There is parking available just across Storer Street (at our annex-the brick duplex with gravel lot), up Oakland, or along the streets north of the Fellowship. Thank you for your help with this effort!

2. Update on McShane Family: In addition to the recent passing of both parents, Nancy McShane’s family has suffered another loss. On Saturday, Sept. 13, Nancy’s nephew Sam Stockman, 24, of St. Joseph, MI, died tragically & unexpectedly. Nancy, Earl, Andy and Ellie will be traveling to Michigan to visit the rest of the family. To offer UU care and support, the family would appreciate cards, calls, visits & food (once they return late Sunday, 9/21, from Nancy’s nephew’s funeral). You can send condolences to the McShanes, 3524 N. Dustin Way, Fayetteville AR 72703; by email to nancy.mcshane@att.net or by calling 442-2114.

Please contact Susan Takigiku at stakigiku@hotmail.com, if you can help provide a dinner meal for the McShane family on either Sept. 23, 24, and 25.

Memorials may be made in memory of Nancy’s nephew, Samuel Allen Stockman, to:

Benton Harbor Street Ministries
200 E. Empire Ave.
Benton Harbor, MI 49022
(269) 925-4333

3. Things we are going to try for Sunday Services!
Sunday Service Announcements:
To make announcements clear and concise, we are going to ask that they be written and given to the Worship Associate prior to the service for them to read. Most announcements should be in the bulletin, and the congregation will be pointed to them in general, but a few may need special attention. Of course, if there is a special event being promoted by UUFF- like a fundraiser or a march that requires silly hats (yaay!) – then arrangements for that announcement should be made ahead of time.

Sunday Service Joys and Concerns: If you have a joy or concern you wish to hold up to the congregation during the service, please call or email them to the Caring Chair and minister or write your joy/concern on one of our yellow Caring Notes (at the Welcome Table or in the back of the sanctuary chairs) and give it to the minister or Worship Associate for reading during Joys and Concerns. Please let them be joys and concerns about life transitions, difficulties and triumphs. Most Sundays, we will also be honoring silent joys and concerns with a ritual such as candle lighting. The Caring Team and minister will use the written notes for follow-up as appropriate.

Rev. Jim

4. One more day to submit names for Committee on Ministry Selection!!
Several months ago, in anticipation of Reverend Jim’s arrival, and at his request, the board voted to rename and reconstruct the Ministerial Alliance committee into the Committee on Ministry (COM). The function of this new committee is to work with the congregation, minister, RE, and board to assure that the mission and vision of the congregation is upheld. The committee’s first charge will be to craft a charter of its character and responsibilities, and begin working with everyone on UUFF’s Vision, Mission and Goals.

There will be five (5) members of the committee who will ultimately be approved by the board, two board appointees, two by the minister, and one by the Coordinator of Education (CRE). They will probably serve for 1 to 2 years, and have staggered terms.
To help the UUFF find the right people to serve on this committee names are being solicited from the congregation to help with the selection. Please look at the list of personal characteristics that the UUA suggests for members of the COM, and submit names of three members of this Fellowship. They should be folks who you believe uphold these characteristics, will serve well in crafting a Vision and Mission for the future, and help the minister, RE and our fellowship at large maintain a vital ministry for ourselves and the wider community. Please note board members are not eligible to serve on the COM.
Personal Characteristics

• Commitment to the congregation’s mission and ministry above all other agendas
• A big picture perspective
• Personal integrity
• Caring honesty
• Keeps confidences
• People skills
• Collaborative
• Healthy ego
• Creative
• Institutional savvy
• Membership stature
• Unitarian Universalist experience

Submit your three names by email to COMlist@fayettevilleunitarian.org or on a signed paper to the UUFF office board mailbox by Friday, September 19, 2014.

Thank you for your input and involvement.

5. Women’s Wisdom Circle of UUFF meets Saturday, Sept. 20, from 10- 11:30 am in the Sanctuary.
Theme for group discussion is “Women’s Journey through the World of
Work.” All are welcome to consider our experiences in the world of work, our true passion and
calling, and environments in which we have felt fulfilled and honored as we gave our time and talents. For information call Carol Tarvin at 479-595-6434 or Sue Coppernoll at 479-445-6875.

6. UUFF Men’s Group WILL NOT MEET Saturday, Sept. 20
Please contact Jud Hanson at ncsu92@cox.net for further information on future meetings.

7. Attendance Books
The Membership Committee has decided to experiment with using our attendance books to improve communication with our visitors and members. Please complete any information you are comfortable sharing in the booklets as they come to you during the offertory. In UU Tradition of course, “passing” is always an option! Let us know what you think. Feedback welcomed through uuff@sbcglobal.net or talk to one of the membership committee! Chair- Janet Titus, David Edwards, Brooke Eldredge, Susan Takigiku, Jud Hanson, Sue Hankins or Alyson Ballew.

8. Greeter Sign-Up
What does it mean to be a welcoming community? One thing is to greet those who come on Sunday morning with a warm smile, a hardy handshake and a friendly reminder to wear their nametag…. We would like to have three greeters each Sunday. One to be aware of visitors, another to be sure everyone gets an order of service and a third for backup and to direct folks to the sanctuary, RE or bathrooms.

It takes a village to make warmth and welcoming a reality every Sunday morning and YOU CAN HELP! Below is a link to an online sign- up sheet. Please take a moment to put your name down for one or two Sundays.


You will receive a reminder a few days before your shift with a list of greeter duties to help orient you. Most Sundays will have a lead greeter from the Membership Committee to help make this important task fun and anxiety free!

We appreciate your volunteer spirit! The Membership Committee

9. The summer issue of the UUFF Social Justice Newsletter is now available on Facebook and in the foyer! Please complete our survey and let us know your favorite flavors of coffee, tea, chocolate and social justice work. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/G3RPM39

10. Involving Children and Youth in Sunday Services
Dear families,

We know that one of the best ways for children to enjoy and engage with their religion is to have regular opportunities to co-create it. Happily, that’s also one of the ways that we as a community get to know and appreciate them and their unique gifts! Some of us sing, some dance, some read with great feeling, and some like to meet new people and help make them feel welcome. Will you please fill in the following electronic form to let us know if and how you child or youth might like to contribute to Sunday worship? We’ll be in touch, and thank you!


Teresa Honey Youngblood, Coordinator of Religious Education, uudre.teresa@gmail.com

11. “Love Reaching Out” Workshops
How are Unitarian Universalists actually perceived in the world? How can a shared UU brand identity be useful? What opportunities do we have in the Fayetteville area to leverage this identity?

Come explore the UUA’s new outreach and brand strategies initiative and how we might use it. During three sessions, we will be learning, brainstorming, and coming up with an outreach action to present to the Board. UUFF will be implementing our outreach action by Dec. 31st.

Participation in all 3 sessions is preferred but not required, so come as you are able. All sessions will be held in the Sanctuary from 6:30 – 8 p.m. Sessions will be facilitated by the Beta Testing Team – Alyson Ballew, Carol Tarvin, Janis Walters, Jeremi Summerhill, and Shawna Thorup. Direct questions to any Team member.

Session 1: Sharing Who We Are
Wednesday, 9/24 from 6:30 – 8 pm
To explain the UU brand identity and why it is important in our cultural context.
Featured videos – please watch in advance, if possible
Future of Faith http://bit.ly/1lIwFIw and
What’s in a Brand? http://bit.ly/1lIwQ6I

Session 2: Identity and Signals
Wednesday, 10/1, from 6:30 – 8 pm

Session 3: Sweet Spots and Taking Action
Wednesday, 10/8, from 6:30 – 8 pm

12. Upcoming 11 am Services
9/21: “What Vision shall we Share, Life will we Live, Dreams shall we Dream?”
The Covenanted community that is UUFF is a living thing that dreams of the future for ourselves and the world around us. What is our Vision and how will we create it together? Rev. Jim Parrish will be in the pulpit.

9/28: “Lived Unitarian Universalist Journeys”—Members of UUFF will share their religious journey. We come from many places, many belief and non-belief background. It is good to hear how our fellow travelers came to this place and how their journey is still progressing. We’re not alone! We will also SHARE THE PLATE with Single Parent Scholarship.

13. Stewardship Committee–“Stewardship is an Act of Love”
On August 30, the Saturday of the Labor Day holiday, Gini Gottman, Chair of the Religious Education Committee, along with Shawna Thorup, Stephanie McElroy Bentley, Alyson Ballew, and Quinn Ballew spent seventeen woman-hours cleaning up the RE classrooms, office, and work spaces, gathering trash from the past 25 years (at least), and preparing the area for our children returning from summer vacation. Meanwhile, our hard-working and creative Chair of the Grounds Committee, John King was putting in yet another productive day in the gardens of UUFF. Our Facebook Discussion Group page lit up with expressions of appreciation because we all know that these acts of stewardship are expressions of love for this Fellowship. Thanks to all of you who worked that Saturday to make our Fellowship shine and bloom!

Why don’t we all take three hours each month to continue the work begun by Gini, Shawna, Stephanie, Alyson, Quinn, and John? We can, and the Stewardship Committee will help by organizing a STEWARDSHIP SATURDAY every month during the coming year. Our first day of stewardship will be on Saturday, September 27 from 9:00 until noon. We will have a list of projects – both indoor and outside — generated by the Custodian, the Chair of the Grounds Committee, the minister, and others, along with coffee, donuts, and cold drinks. Let’s put in three hours of effort to spruce up our facilities and honor our membership pledge to give of our time and talents. We need both young, strong muscle and wise and creative heads. Please use the sign-up sheet in the foyer and joy us for fun and productive work. Thank you all!

SEPTEMBER STEWARDSHIP SATURDAY: Sept. 27, 9:00 until noon.

14. Religious Education Happenings
* Religious Education classes have begun! If you are not already registered for the 2014-2015 school year, please do so, so that we can have current information from each family. Please see or contact Gini Gottman ginigottman@gmail.com if you have questions or if you’re not sure whether you’re registered. Go to http://fayettevilleunitarian.org/faith-development/children-and-youth/ for links to the registration form and permission slip.

* Razorback football season is here, and the RE program could use your help with our game day parking program! It’s easy and fun, and kids are welcome. Sign up on the RE bulletin board, or see David Edwards or Gini.

* If you have any interest in being a friend to the RE Committee, please see Gini! You don’t have to commit to being a member of the committee or to attending the meetings. If you want to donate one hour of your time during the upcoming year, we will find a fun job for you!

15. Nursery Services available 9:45 am – 12:15 pm. As teens have a tendency to grow up and move on, we are now actively seeking teens for paid nursery positions! If you know a high school student who likes kids, needs a little extra money, and would like to add to their resume, send them to Rose Netherland or Marty Smith! We are seeking responsible teens for the nursery during church hours on a regular, rotational basis. The hours include Sundays 9:45 to 12:15 and occasional extra hours for special events. For more information please contact our Nursery Coordinator, Rose Netherland, at (479) 442-9283 or at lowlandflower@gmail.com .

16. UU Buddhist Fellowship meets Sundays at 10 am in far east side of Annex building – Will NOT MEET on Sunday, Sept. 21st but will resume on the 28th.

17. Adult RE will NOT MEET this Sunday, 9/21

18. Office Hours
Monday: 1-4 pm
Tuesday/Wednesday: 12-3 pm
Thursday: 12-4 pm

19. Upcoming Meetings and Events
Sat. 9/20, 10 am, Women’s Wisdom Circle Gathering, Sanctuary
Sat. 9/20, 10 am, UUFF Men’s Group Meeting, Downstairs
Sat. 9/20, 1 pm+, Razorback Home Game-all UUFF lots to be cleared by 1 pm, please!
Sun. 9/21, 12:30 pm, Council of Committees Mtg., Downstairs Main Room
Tues. 9/23, 5:30 pm, Leadership Devel. Comm. Meeting, Office
Tues. 9/23, 6:30 pm, Board Meeting, Sanctuary
Wed. 9/24, 6:30 pm, “Love Reaches Out”- Session 1, Sanctuary (see #11)
Sat. 9/27, 9-noon, STEWARDSHIP SATURDAY, UUFF inside and out

20. September 2014 Beacon is Online at http://fayettevilleunitarian.org/wp-content/uploads/September-2014-Beacon.pdf

a. BIG BAD GINA concert here at UUFF on Friday, September 26th!!

This is the Big Bad Love Tour HOMECOMING show! We Gina’s are so excited to be bringing the amazing Laura Love, with her bass thumping, yodeling, bluegrass-fusion sound, home to Fayetteville! We are delighted to host her at UUFF, one of our favorite home stages! The show is from 7-10 pm, $15 ticket. Reserve yours today by emailing bigbadgina@gmail.com and let us know how many tickets to reserve for you! No one turned away for inability to pay.

UUFF Weekly Email Announcements are sent each Thursday. To get on the distribution list, send your name and email address to uuff@sbcglobal.net
Please submit information for Weekly Emails to uuff@sbcglobal.net by Wednesday noon.

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