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Children and Youth

Camp UU Schedule for Summer 2015

June 14: A nature hunt with Stephanie Bentley! We will learn about plants and insects found in Northwest Arkansas and see what we can find and identify on our grounds. We will also discuss our 7th principle, caring for our planet Earth. Please wear old clothes and shoes.
June 21: Rational reason with Gini Gottman! We will discuss the value of logic and learning and perform a science experiment. This session explores our fourth principle, a search for what is true and right in life.
June 28: Our annual stream clean-up! Wear old clothes and we will talk about ecology and pollution and clean up the creek on our property. Bring work gloves if you have them. Principle: Caring for our planet Earth.
July 5: Knitting with Alyson Ballew! We will learn an easy and fun knitting craft, geared toward children and with no experience required! Principle: Caring for our planet Earth.
July 12: Nature meditation with Michelle Moe! We will visit our Storla Gardens and commune with nature. Principle: Caring for our planet Earth; a search for what is true and right in life.
July 19: Caring Cards with Susan Takigiku! We will learn to make cards to show others that we embrace and care for them. We will take some of the cards home and donate some to our Sharing and Caring team at UUFF to give to people in our congregation when they are needed. Principle: Acceptance of one another.
July 26: Ride against racism! We will welcome Vera Leone*, a UU from Virginia who is biking across the country after attending anti-racism training in California. Principle: All people should be treated fairly and kindly. (Vera is scheduled to appear, but since she is on a cross-country bike ride, we can’t make any guarantees. For more information about Vera’s journey, please visit www.cyclingjourneyforracialjustice.wordpress.com.
August 2: We will learn about being UU with Reverend Jim! Please try to come to this session if you can, because it will be fun and informative! Rev. Jim will talk about our religion, and then the kids will help lead the Sunday service! All seven principles are relevant to this session!
August 9: Journaling with Alyson Ballew! We will make our own journals for writing or drawing, and talk about the value of looking within ourselves. Principle: Each and every person is important.
August 16: Learning about earthbag homes with Amanda and Ryan Bancroft! Come hear how this family is planning to build a sustainable home in Northwest Arkansas. Principle: Caring for our planet Earth.
August 23: Fun and field day with Gini Gottman! Wear old clothes and we will play outside, make a mess and have fun! No principle this time, just playing!

We strive to integrate children and youth more fully into the congregation of UUFF.  When children are present in the service, they get to truly be part of congregational life—to feel and see and hear what we UUs do on Sunday morning.  They take part in our rituals and ceremonies, like chalice lighting, and they hear stories and speak up with their ideas during Time For All Ages, and they hold hymnals and sing—or pretend to sing, until they can read or know the songs by heart—our songs, learning our ways and our goals and our shared values in all of these experiences.  This is an important thing to do, engaging them, embracing them in the heart of our life here, welcoming them into the circle of light of our chalice – teaching them about what it’s like to be a grown-up UU.

10:00-10:45– Dedicated Religious Education Hour

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4-12 year olds – Downstairs

Changes…and What’s Next for the Youth Group?
Paige Goodman Wolven, one of our youth advisors, has stepped away from youth leadership to focus on her very intense studies toward a graduate degree in education. We have benefited greatly from her service, and wish her the very best! If you see Paige at service, please let her know what a boon her work was for the last year and a half on behalf of our community’s youth.

We want to do more than react to this change in our volunteer dynamic. We want to respond to it intelligently, deliberately, and creatively. We want to use this opportunity to revision what our youth group can be, and to set out a plan to get there. That’s going to take some time.

With the youth program this year being so small–some weeks one, some weeks no youth!–we are going to dissolve the program until we have a good plan reflective of the needs and wants of our community–as well as best practices across the UU world–and the resources to carry it out. Meanwhile, we invite teens to join the discussion in the Adult Religious Education group, meeting at the 10 o’clock hour.

Change is exciting, but uncomfortable. If you’d like to talk about concerns or ideas for the youth group, or ask questions, please email Teresa at uudre.teresa@gmail.com to set up a phone call or arrange to talk in person. Thanks, and please be on the lookout for developments in the near future!

Nursery open for birth-4 years (downstairs)

11:00-12:00– Service Hour

Children and adults join in the sanctuary, each Sunday, upstairs.
Nursery is open for birth-7 years, as needed, downstairs