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Listen to Podcasts of Sunday Services

Shown below is a list of UUFF audio podcasts.  Click on the link to hear the recording.


Jun 26:  “Arcane Arguments for Atheism” a lay led service 

Jun 19:  “Pride and Diversity: Why Pride is Important in a World Lacking Worth & Dignity” a lay led service 

Jun 12:  “A Year in Fellowship” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Jun 5:  “LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation” a lay led service 

Apr 24:  “Religious Rebellion” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Apr 17:  “Environmental Justice” with Rev. Jim Parrish

Apr 10:  “Courage Under Assault” a lay lad service with Marty Faitak and Anne Shelley 

Apr 3:  “FUUN for UU’s” a lay led service with Gene Vinzant and Carol Widder

Mar 27:  “UU Christianity, An Evolving Story” with Rev. Jim Parrish

Mar 20:  “Islam and Change” a lay led service  

Mar 13:  “Second Wave of the Women’s Movement in NWA” a lay led service with Allyn Lord 

Mar 6:  “Our Moral Imagination” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Feb 28:  “Civil Rights: The Failure of Justice” a lay led service with Professor Cyndi Nance 

Feb 21:  “The Embodiment of Humanism” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Feb 14:  “Entertaining Angels: A Reflection on Homelessness and Poverty” a lay led service with Edie Love 

Feb 7:  “The Children’s Crusade, Continued” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Jan 31:  “Social Justice Sunday” a lay led service 

Jan 24:  “Compassion Fayetteville” with Rev. Dian Williams and Rev. Jim Parrish

Jan 17:  “Arc of the Moral Universe” a lay led service 

Jan 10:  “The Question Box” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Jan 3:  “Stories of Compassion” a lay led service 


Dec 27:  “Endings Meditation — Fire and Water” a lay led service 

Dec 20:  “A Story of Hope” a lay led service 

Dec 13:  “The Meaning of Miracles” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Dec 6:  “Sources of Hope” a lay led service with Marty Faitak

Nov 29:  “Bread Communion” a lay led service 

Nov 22:  “A Thankful Heart Thanksgiving” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Nov 15:  “The Truth About Families” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Nov 8:  “No Home in Fayetteville” a lay led service with Dr. Kevin Fitzpatrick 

Nov 1:  “Dia de los Muertos (Our Day of Remembrance)” a lay led service 

Oct 25:  “Build a Bridge Into Adulthood” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Oct 18:  “Bridge of Peace Syria – Who are the Rfugees?” a lay led service

Oct 11:  “The Power of Forgiveness” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Oct 4:  “Our Mission, Should We Choose to Accept It” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Sept 27:  “Summers of Unrest” with Rev. Jim Parrish

Sept 20:  “What is Environmental Justice?” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Sept 13:  “Water Communion” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Sept 6:  “A Conversation About Worship” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Aug 30:  “Who’s In Charge Here? The Power of Storytelling” a lay led service 

Aug 23:  “What Do You Get When You Cross a Quaker with a UU?” a lay led service 

Aug 16:  “Failure is an Option: Life Lessons from the Shackleton Expedition” a lay led service 

Aug 9:  “I am UU, Are You?” a lay led service 

Aug 2:  “Camp UU Service” with Rev. Jim Parrish

Jul 26:  “Perceptions and Backstories” with Rev. Ja Rickard

Jul 19:  “Spiritual Practice of Social Justice” with Rev. Debra Garfinkel

Jul 12:  “When Nature Speaks” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Jul 5:  “UU Veterans Speak” a lay-led service 

Jun 28:  “Humanist Morals” with Dr. Doug Krueger

Jun 21:  “Fathers, Dads, NASCAR, and Gardens” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Jun 14:  “We are Congregationalists . . . Who Vote!” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Jun 7:  “How UUs Serve: Our Military, Pacifist Complex” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Service of Installation:  “Installation of The Reverend James N. Parrish” 

May 31:  “The Impossible Will Take a Little While” with Rev. Jill Jarvis 

May 24:  “The Poetry of My Ministry” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

May 17:  “Transgender Faith Journey” with Stephanie Mott

May 10:  “The Meanings of Membership” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

May 3:  “Honoring Those Who Help Us On The Path” a lay-led service 

Apr 26:  “Humanism: Our ‘Reasonable’ Source” with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Apr 19:  “Our Earth, Our Home” a lay-led service 

Apr 12:  “Our Mission, Our Vision”  with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Apr 5:  “Humanity of Jesus”  with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Mar 29:  “Can We Choose Our Beliefs?” a lay-led service 

Mar 22:  “Laughter”  with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Mar 15:  “Called”  with Rev. Jan Nielsen 

Mar 8:  “One Fine Day”  a lay-led service 

Mar 1 service was cancelled due to winter storm

Feb 22:  “Our Sources! Which Are Yours?”  with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Feb 15:  “Religion and Freedom: The Politics of Religious Freedom”  with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Feb 8:  “Stewardship is an Act of Love”  a lay-led service 

Feb 1:  “30 Days of Love”  a lay-led service 

Jan 25:  “Are We Principled Enough?”  with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Jan 18:  “Martin Luther King Jr. and the Here and Now”  with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Jan 11:  “The Question Box”  with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Jan 4:  “Beginnings: Hopes and Dreams for the New Year” a lay-led service with Gene Vinzant 


Dec 28:  “Endings” a lay-led service 

Dec 21:  “A Simple Christmas and Solstice: What’s a UU to Do?”  with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Dec 14:  “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”  with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Dec 7:  “A Season for Us All”  with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Nov 30:  “Fear and the Unitarian Universalist”  with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Nov 23:  “Bread Communion”  with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Nov 16:  “Love makes a family”  a lay-led service 

Nov 9:  “Can UUs Do Religion?”  with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Nov 2:  “Dia de los Muertos”  with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Oct 26:  “The Cosmic Miracle of the Season”  with Rev. Jim Parrish 

Oct 19:  “Social Justice at UUFF: A Celebration of Making a Difference” a lay-led service 

Oct 12:  “Welcoming: Out Civil Rights Agenda”  with Rev. Jim Parrish

Oct 5:  “Tribal Church” with Rev. Jim Parrish

Sept 28 :  “Lived Unitarian-Universalist Journeys”  a lay-led service

Sept 7 :  “Ingathering Water Communion”  with Rev. Jim Parrish

Aug 31 :  “Pete Seeger & the Power of Song”  a lay-led service

Aug 24 :  “Being the Right Congregation”  a lay-led service

Aug 17 :  “Plato’s Good, Emerson’s Over-Soul – And Us”  a lay-led service with Rev. Lynne Spellman

Aug 10 :  “Compassion Fayetteville”  a lay-led service with Pattie Williams

July 13, 20, 27, Aug 3:  Not Recorded

July 6 :  “The Religion of Abraham Lincoln”  a lay-led service


June 29:  “People Don’t Choose to be Poor”  a lay-led service

June 22:  “No Trespassing”  a lay-led service

June 15:  “The Importance of Allies”  a lay-led service

June 8:  “Inner Truth”  a lay-led service

June 1:  “What Feeds You:  A Christian Scientist Explains Her Path”  a lay-led service

May 25 :  “How Coyote Lost His Songs Music and Dance”  a lay-led service

May 18:  Service not recorded

May 11:  Service not recorded

May 4 :  “Community and Ministry On the Edges” with Rev. Jim Parrish

Apr 27 :  “The Laity and Ministry of UU-ism”  with Rev. Jim Parrish

Apr 20 :  “Community Through Soil”  a lay-led service with Don Bennett

Apr 13 :  “MLK and the Beloved Community”  a lay-led service with John Adams

Apr 6 :  “Who’s the Judge Around Here?”  a lay-led service

Mar 30 :  “Hope”  a lay-led service with Rev. Lynne Spellman

Mar 23:  “Celebrating the Feminine Divine”  a lay-led service with Kyrstina Poludnikiewicz

Mar 16:  “Women Who Blazed a Trail”  a lay-led service

Mar 9 :  “I grew up in a Castle:  Stories”  a lay-led service with Oda Mulloy

Mar 2:  Service cancelled (due to snow)

Feb 23:  “Life on Earth: Loving the Hell Out of this World”  a lay-led service with Rev. Ron Robinson

Feb 16:  “The Languages of Love”  a lay-led service with Gene Vinzant

Feb 9:  “Illuminated Transformation”  a lay-led service

Feb 2:  Service cancelled (due to snow)

Jan 26:  “Stories of Love and Justice”  a lay-led service

Jan 19:  “Religion of Racial Reconciliation: Nat Griswold and the Fellowship of the Damn Fools”  a lay-led service

Jan 12:  “Unitarians and Abolitionists”  a lay-led service

Jan 5:  No service (cancelled due to snow)


Dec 29:  “Burning Bowl Ceremony”  a lay-led service

Dec 22:  “Do You See What I See?”  a lay-led service with Riverstone Graves

Dec 15:  “Strong is What We Make Each Other”  a lay-led service

Dec 8:  No service (cancelled due to snow)

Dec 1:  “The Joy of Jewish Traditions”  a lay-led service with Ralph Nesson

Nov 24:  “We Give Thanks”  a lay-led service

Nov 17:  “The Power of Music”  a lay-led service

Nov 10:  “Beyond Categorical Thinking”  a lay-led service

Nov 3:  “Choose You”  a lay-led service

Oct 27:  “Samhain Sabbath”  a lay-led service (no recording)

Oct 20:  “What Didn’t Kill Me Made Me Stronger”  a lay-led service

Oct 13:  “Faith, Race and Advocacy”  a lay-led service with Dr. Kathleen Carrick

Oct 6:  “What Feeds You? A Secular Buddhist Perspective”  a lay-led service

Sept 29:  “Memories of UUFF”  a lay-led service

Sept 22:  “Rededication Sunday”  a lay-led service

Sept 15:  “Building a Meaningful Life”  a lay-led service with Dr. Doug Krueger

Sept 8:  “Water Communion”  a lay-led service

Sept 1:  “Spirit at Work”  a lay-led service

Aug 25:  “My Ah-Ha Moment”  a lay-led service

Aug 18:  “Journey of Faith: A History of UUFF” a lay-led service

Aug 11:  No recording

Aug 4:  “What Feeds You?”  a lay-led service with Dr. Kevin Pope, MD

Jul 28:  “From Promise to Committment: Bringing GA Home”  a lay-led service

Jul 21:  “To Trust the Dawning Future More”  a lay-led service with Rev. Mark Christian

Jul 14:  “What Feeds You?  Ramadan”  a lay-led service

Jul 7:  “We are Family!”  a lay-led service

Jun 30 :  “Patriotic Sing-Along”  a lay-led service

Jun 23 :  “Separation of Church and State”  a lay-led service with Gini Gottman

Jun 16 :  “Father’s Day with UUFF Men’s Group”  a lay-led service

Jun 9 :  “Why UUs Should Care About Queer Pride”  a lay-led service

Jun 2 :  “An Atheist’s Secret to Happiness” a lay-led service ith Dr. Doug Krueger

May 26 :  “Memorial Day Muse”  a lay-led service

May 19 :  “New Member Recognition:  Belonging”  a lay-led service

May 12 :  “A Promise of the Future and a Blessing for Today”  a lay-led service

May 5 :  “Invite, Inspire, Ignite (Unitarian Universalism is my Chosen Faith)”  a lay-led service

Apr 28 :  “Saving the Planet One Bite at a Time”  a lay-led service

Apr 21 :  “Saving the Planet One House at a Time”  a lay-led service with Dan Coody

Apr 14 :  “Sacred Activism”  a lay-led service

Apr 7 :  “Justice Sunday”  a lay-led service

Mar 31 :  “Renewal and Redemption”  a lay-led service

Mar 24 :  “In the Arms of the Mother: Faith and the Feminine Divine” 

Mar 17 :  “Beloved Community – yUUth Style”  a lay-led service

Mar 10 :  “Celebration Sunday”  a lay-led service

Mar 3 :  “Faith In Action”  a lay-led service

Feb 24 :  “Spirit of Community”  a lay-led service

Feb 17 :  “Liberty for All”  a lay-led service

Feb 10 :  “Moving Beyond Borders”  a lay-led service

Feb 3 :  “Daisy Bates and the Moment for Acting”  a lay-led service with Joshua Youngblood

Jan 27 :  “World Religion Day”  a lay-led service with Dr. Mohja Kahf

Jan 20 :  A lay-led service [No Recording]

Jan 13 :  “Outlawing Jelly Beans, and Other Injustices”  a lay-led service [No Recording]

Jan 6 :  “Thomas Jefferson”  a lay-led service


Dec 30 :  “Burning Bowl Celebration”  a lay-led service [No Recording]

Dec 23 :  “Ghosts of Unitarian Christmas”  a lay-led service

Dec 16 :  “Hanukkah’s Message for UU’s”  a lay-led service

Dec 9 :  “Worker’s Justice”  a lay-led service

Dec 2 :  “Exploring Mars To Improve Life on Earth”  a lay-led service with Marvin Hilton

Nov 25 :  “Gratitude”  a lay-led service with Riverstone Graves

Nov 18 :  “Bread Communion”  a lay-led service 

Nov 11 :  “A Veteran’s Reflections” a lay-led service with Mendy Knott

Nov 4 :  “The Making of a Unitarian:  Religion through the eyes of a child”  a lay-led service with Sue Coppernoll

Oct 28 :  “Samhain”  a lay-led service

Oct 21 :  “Why is it so hard to treat each other with dignity and respect?”  a lay-led service with Marty Faitak

Oct 14 :  “Installation of our Director of Religious Education”  a lay-led service with Teresa Honey Youngblood

Oct 7 :  “On Poetry”  a lay-led service with Lyell Thompson

Sept 30 :  “A Pleasure to Burn”  a lay-led service with Shawna Thorup (no recording)

Sept 23 :  “Water Communion”  a lay-led service (no recording)

Sept 16 :  “Stardust”  a lay-led service with Riverstone Graves  (no recording)

Sept 9 :  “Helping and Pro-Social Behavior”  a lay-led service with Dave Schroeder

Sept 2 :  “All Labor Has Dignity”  a lay-led service 

Aug 26:  “Shared Visions”  a lay-led service by UUFF Young Adults

Aug 19:  “Sexism in Early Film”  a lay-led service with Gini Gottman

Aug 12:  “Benjamin Franklin”  a lay-led service with Gene Vinzant

Aug 5:  “Intimations of Immortality”  a lay-led service with Geoff Oelsner

Jul 29:  “The Wisdom of Women”  a lay-led service with Sue Coppernoll

Jul 22:  “Salts of the Earth”  a lay-led service with Jennifer Braly

Jul 15:  “occUUpy Our Fellowship”  a lay-led service with Teresa Youngblood

Jul 8:  “Fare Thee Well” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Jul 1:  “Independencies” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Jun 24 :  “Pride & Diversity” a lay-led service

Jun 17 : “Fathering — Two Voices” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Jun 10: “The Meaning of Life & the Purpose of Life” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Jun 3:  “Thinking Inside & Outside the Box” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

May 27:  “Memorial Day” a lay-led service

May 20:  “Open House Service” by UUFF Children & Youth

May 13:  “Mothering” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

May 6:  “Been Searchin’” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Apr 29:  “The Power of Music” by Claire Detels

Apr 22:  “Nature Bats Last” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Apr 15:  “Facing Our Fears” a lay-led service

Apr 8:  “Risings and Easter Time” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Apr 1:  “Palm Sunday from me and Vonnegut” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Mar 25:  “Tales From Thailand” a lay-led service

Mar 18:  “Universalism Past, Present, & Powerful” by Rev. Kalen Fristad

Mar 11:  “In Praise of Women” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Mar 4:  “Class InAmerica” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Feb 26:  “More Than Open Doors: The Heart of This Fellowship.” a lay-led service

Feb 19:  “Rumi’s Caravan” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Feb 12:  “Unitarianism” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Feb 5:  “Race” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Jan 29:  “The Way It Is (vs. The Way It’s Supposed to Be)” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Jan 22:  “What’s The Loving Thing To Do?” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Jan 15:  “I Can Still Sing ‘We Shall Overcome’” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Jan 8:  “Forging Our Own Deliverance” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Jan 1:  “Be the Change You Wish To See” a lay-led service


Dec 25:  “A Christmas Carol Sing” a lay-led service

Dec 24:  “Christmas Eve” a special Saturday evening service

Dec 21:  “Winter Solstice Ritual” a special Wednesday evening service

Dec 18:  “Would You Like To Hold the Baby?” by UUFF Children & Choir

Dec 11:  “Civility” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Dec 4:  “The Ethics of Abortion” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Nov 27:  “Stories of Gratitude” a lay-led service

Nov 20:  “Bread Service” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Nov 13:  “Claiming Our History (Pt 2)” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Nov 6:  “Claiming Our History (Pt 1)” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Oct 30:  “Celebration of Samhain” a lay-led service

Oct 23:  “Arab Spring” by Rev. Lee & Dr. Moez Limayem

Oct 16:  “It’s Not Your Fault” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Oct 9:  “You UUs Don’t Believe in Anything” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Oct 2:  “Honoring Our Denomination” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Sept 25:  “The Householder Effect: Loving Each Other In Relationship” by Mendy Knott

Sept 18:  “Interim Ministry: What Can We Accomplish Together?” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Sept 11:  “Remembering 9/11” by Rev. Lee Bond-Upson

Sept 4:  “Labors of Love” by S. Faitak, Q. Montana, & Ed Tarvin

Aug 28:  “General Assembly 2011 Report” by Chava Schacter

Aug 21:  “Loving Your Neighbor” by Jamey Hall

Aug 14:  “Tibetan Tales” by McShane, Schacter, & McGregor

Aug 7:  “Stand on the Side of Love with UUFF” by Rev. Mark Kiyimba of Uganda Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVp8V1npqyk

July 31:  No Recording — “Transition to a Bright Future” by Bill Murchison

July 24:  “Women and Spirituality” by McShane, Graves, & Austin

July  17:  “On The Border” by Riverstone Graves

July 10:  “Wisdom of the Crone” by Nancy McShane

July 3:   No Recording — “The Magic of Stories” by Chava Schacter

June 26:   “Annual Pride Service”

June 19:   “One Chapter Ends, Another Begins” by Revs. D. Hunter & K. Mueller

Jun 12:   “What Is UUism All About, Really?” by Rev. Dave Hunter

June 5:    “Wrestling With Our Best Selves” (pt 2) by Rev. Kerry Mueller

May 29:   “UU-ism:  The Next 50 Years” by Rev. Dave Hunter

May 22:   “Coming of Age Credo: Hard to Hit a Moving Target” by the UUFF Coming Of Age Class

May 15:   No Recording — “Wrestling With Our Best Selves” (pt 1) by Rev. Kerry Mueller

May 8:   “Certainty & Civility: The Spiral of Compassion” by Rev. Kerry Mueller

May 1:   “Brave, Clean and Reverent?” by Rev. Dave Hunter

Apr 24:  “Call and Commitment”  by Rev. Kerry Mueller

Apr 17:  “What Am I Doing Here” by Rev. Dave Hunter

Apr 10:  “A Renovating Virtue” by Rev. Kerry Mueller

Apr 3:   “Our Good News” by Jeff Tate

Mar 27:  “How Best to Serve Our World Community” by Rev. Kendra McIntosh

Mar 20:  “What is truth, and will it set us free?”  by Rev. Dave Hunter

Mar 13:  “Unexhausted Kindliness” by Kerry Mueller

This was snowed out in February. Friendship is one of the most important elements of a human life. Let us look a little more closely at what constitutes real friendship.

Mar 6:  “Who Needs Us?  (Us UUs, That Is)” by Rev. Dave Hunter

Reflections on Interfaith Harmony Day

Feb 27:  “What is After Will Be Better Than What Came Before” by Rev. Kerry Mueller

Compassion is the value promoted by every tradition of religion or spirituality worthy of the name. Scholar Karen Armstrong has created a book and institute to support our development as people of compassion.

Feb 20:   “Democracy Revisited” by Rev. Dave Hunter

Faith in the use of the democratic process, both within our congregations and in society at large, is one of our UU guiding principles, but can democracy, as practiced in the United States, get done what needs to be done?  Are there reforms that would help?

Feb 13:    No service (due to snow)

Feb 6 :    No service (due to snow)

Jan 30:   “Pause Time” by Rev. Kerry Mueller

Time is an important element in conversation, in work and play, in our deepest selves. Come and consider the values of time in our spiritual lives and social interactions.

Jan 23:   “Peace” by guest speaker Mendy Knott, poet, author and teacher.

Jan 16:   “Waiting for Martin” by Rev. Dave Hunter

Martin Luther King, Jr., was a leader who appeared just when we needed him. What made him an effective leader? What gave him his strength? Is his source of strength available to us, too? What should we expect of our leaders? And what should we do while waiting for the next leader to arrive?

Jan 9:   “Tweeting Unitarian Universalism” by Rev. Kerry Mueller

How do you summarize your faith? How do you explain Unitarian Universalism to your friends and family? What is shorter than an elevator speech? Here’s my take on these questions.

Jan 2:   “This Time, a New Year That’s Really New” by Rev. Dave Hunter


Dec 26:   Full Service/Sermon only

“Wrapping it Up: Our Post Holiday Stories”

A community led service where short stories, anecdotes, songs, and poetry will be shared to express what your holidays were like. Wrapping up the holidays for some means remembering fondly the twinkling lights on grandma’s house or the excitement of a small child when opening their favorite toy.  For others it may mean sifting through difficult feelings that remain long after the dinner with fundamentalist family members has concluded. What is your story?

Dec 19:   Full Service/Sermon only

“Interfaith Winter Pageant on Festivals of Lights” led by DRE Joy Berry and the children of UUFF.

Dec 12:   Full Service/Sermon only

“Lessons & Carols” by Rev. Dave Hunter

Join us for an eclectic anticipation of Christmas. After the service, join Renée and members of the choir for Christmas caroling at City Hospital.

Dec 5:  Full Service/Sermon only

“Kindling New the Holy Lamps” by Rev. Kerry Mueller

Most of us have little claim on the Jewish part of our heritage, but Hanukkah still has meaning for us today as religious liberals. Come hear how we might rekindle the holy lamps.

Nov 28:   Full Service/Sermon only

“ . . . And the Pursuit of Happiness” by Rev. Dave Hunter

The first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence proclaims, as a “self-evident” Truth, that we have an “unalienable right” to “the Pursuit of Happiness,” and that one purpose of government is to secure this right. But what is happiness, and how best is it pursued?

Nov 21:   Full Service/Sermon only

“The Dining Table” by Kerry Mueller

Our annual pre-Thanksgiving Intergenerational Bread Service. This intergenerational service will be built on the blessings of bread for all of us. Please bring bread or spreads for after the service. International breads especially welcome. The choir will sing.

Nov 14:   Full Service/Sermon only/Sermon (printable version)

“Heaven: A Closer Look” by Rev. Dave Hunter

We may know more about heaven than we realize especially what heaven is not.

Nov 7:   Full Service/Sermon only

“Music and Silence” by Rev. Kerry Mueller, Renée Janski and the Womyn’s Chorus

This special service will include readings about music, readings about silence, periods of silence and lots of music. If you would like to contribute a short reading, please send it to Kerry at uurevkerry@sbcglobal.net.

Oct 31:   Full Service/Sermon only

“El Dia de los Muertos” by Rev. Kerry  Mueller

We celebrate the Mexican Day of the Dead with words, music, sugar skulls (thanks to Tressa Disney) and an altar of memorial objects. Children of any age are invited to take part in a costume parade and everyone is invited to bring photos or other mementos of loved ones we have lost. A potluck lunch will follow the service.

Oct 24:   Full Service/Sermon only/Sermon (printable version)

“Who’s Afraid of the Ten Commandments?” by Rev. Dave Hunter

Oct 17:   Full Service/Sermon only

“A Fuller Life” by Rev. Kerry Mueller

2010 is the bicentenary of the birth of Unitarian Margaret Fuller. Omnicompetent, intellectual, pioneer for women’s rights, Margaret Fuller had a full life, but died tragically young, was never fully appreciated, and had to struggle for every advance.

Oct 10:   Full Service/Sermon only/Sermon (printable version)

“We, the Member Congregations, Covenant to…” by Rev. Dave Hunter

For Association Sunday, we look at the promises we make, as congregations and as members of congregations.

Oct 3:   Full Service/Sermon only

“Salve for Sore Feet” by special guest Rev. Riverstone Graves

Riverstone shares a parable about gratitude. Riverstone has a Master of Divinity degree from Phillips Theological Seminary, a progressive seminary approved by the Unitarian Universalist Association for the training of its ministers. He was ordained as a United Methodist minister and served as a pastor at Bentonville First United Methodist Church for five years. He is a friend of UUFF and enjoys participating in the life of the congregation.

Sep 26:   No recording

“To Begin Again in Love” by Rev. Kerry Mueller. We’ve seen a number of public apologies this summer, some apparently sincere, some self serving. What is apology for? How do we go about apologizing? What could we hope for if we were all readier to apologize? At this service we rededicated our peace pole (and rededicated ourselves to the pursuit of peace).

Sep 19:   Full Service/Sermon only/Sermon (printable version)

“Was Confucious a Unitarian Univeralist?” by Rev. Dave Hunter. As Eastern religions go, Confucianism is one of the lesser known but it has much to teach those in the Western world.

Sep 12:   Full Service/Sermon only

“Gathering of the Waters.” An Intergenerational Water Communion Service. We celebrated the opening of our congregational year with a special ritual, pouring water from our summer travels (geographic or metaphoric), a story for all ages and a short homily. The Adult Choir sang.

Sep 5:   Full Service/Sermon only

“The Elaine Massacre: Racism and the Labor Movement” from violence to redemption and hope by special guest David Garcia.

Aug 29:   Full Service/Sermon only

“The Third Path to Religion: Unitarian Universalism” by the Rev. Dave Hunter. This WABIS (We All Begin In Sanctuary) included a Teacher Commissioning ceremony to welcome our RE teachers for this new semester.

Aug 22:   Full Service/Sermon only

“A Scientist Looks at Religion” by special guest Art Hobson, U of A Physics Professor Emeritus. Dr. Hobson shared his personal beliefs as well as observations about science and religion.

Aug 15:   Full Service/Sermon only

“The Broken Places” by Rev. Kerry Mueller. None of us is perfect; we are each imperfect in our own way. How shall we accept and deal with our own imperfections and those of others?

Aug 8:   Full Service/Sermon only

Revs. Dave and Kerry reported on this year’s General Assembly, which took place this past June in Minneapolis.

June 27:   “UUFF GLBT Pride Service”

Music Director Renee Janski led a multifaceted service to top off Northwest Arkansas’ Pride Month.


January 24, 2010

April 4, 2010

“A Time to Dream” by Rev. Dave Hunter

September 23, 2007

Radical Hospitality–Slogan or Aspiration?“ by Rev. Dave Hunter

September 17, 2006

“What Brings Us (Back) to Church” by Rev. Dave Hunter

October 1, 2006

December 3, 2006